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Echo Dot 3rd Generation
Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Reasons to Buy Echo Dot 3rd Generation

  • Clear, strong sound
  • Improved Alexa abilities
  • Budget price

Reasons to Avoid Echo Dot 3rd Generation

  • Alexa knowledge is limited’s ever-expanding collection of the best Bluetooth speakers serve good sound and an entire ton of voice performance for not a lot of money. The Echo Dot 3rd generation is just one of the least expensive in the variety– as well as an excellent little mobile device that’s perfect for the cooking area or bedroom.

The fabric-covered puck features a 4cm vehicle driver that pumps out good sufficient audio. Alexa sounds clear and loud, and also, for the cash, music seems abundant and complete. It’s flawlessly acceptable as a background music gadget, plus you can constantly wire in various other devices using the 3.5 mm aux output for far better sound.

You require to link the Echo Dot 3rd Generation to power, so it’s not as mobile as some choices on this list. However, on the advantage, you can use the Echo Dot 3rd Generation to play music, respond to concerns, review the information, check the climate, set alarms, and control suitable home gadgets, from TVs to residence cinema amplifier speakers.

For the cash, it’s one of the best low-cost portable speakers around.

If Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, does take control of the globe, he might have the Amazon Echo Dot to give thanks.

Amazon does its best to infiltrate every potential product market, every feasible residence, and every possible space. The new Echo Dot 3rd generation is perhaps the most tempting means to bring Amazon’s Alexa voice aide into your house. Yet if you like the concept of a wise assistant incorporated with a simple music speaker, it’s tough to refute the Echo Dot 3rd Generation.


There remains something somewhat futuristic about shouting commands and hearing reactions from a little digital voice in a box. However, externally, everything regarding this item is pretty straightforward. The tiny, puck-shaped layout stays, yet it has got jazzed up and enhanced this 3rd-gen Dot.

– Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) at Amazon for $39.99.

Textile replaces the tough exterior of the previous model. The controls on top of the gadget have had a makeover. It looks noticeably brighter because of this. We see it as a significant enhancement to an area rather than something you want to tuck out of sight.

You require to link the Echo Dot 3rd Generation to power, and also, you can wire in various other gadgets via the 3.5 mm aux outcome for much better audio, yet otherwise, it can go anywhere that it can hear your voice. When powered up, it’s simple to use the Amazon Alexa app and get it connected to your wi-fi network.


The 3.5 mm audio outcome, as well as Bluetooth connection, is about as much as you get it. That indicates if you desire a bigger, much better sound than the Echo Dot 3rd Generation can deliver, after that, you can make a wired or wireless link to an additional device. Otherwise, it’s all about Alexa in terms of features. And it’s worth pointing out that all this connectivity, as well as every little thing Alexa can do, remains in line with the 2nd-gen Echo Dot.

Alexa can still play music, answer inquiries, check out the information, examine the climate, set alarms, and control compatible wise home tools, from TVs to house cinema amplifiers and audio speakers. And also, you can regulate Spotify and also TuneIn, as well as Amazon Music. Voice calls are a reasonably new addition, while the variety of Skills– tools that work with Alexa– are continuously growing and include a whole suite of products from Sonos to Domino’s Pizza and Uber.

What is new is a brand-new chauffeur as well as a modification to the microphone format. There’s a 4cm vehicle driver right here instead of 3cm on the previous design, and also Amazon asserts it’s 70 percent louder as a result. Surprisingly there are fewer microphones, four rather than 7, yet modifies to the design to make efficiency equally as strong.


The three crucial hairs of Dot’s efficiency are just how well Alexa hears you, exactly how good the speaker sounds (for solutions and songs), and what it can do. The previous Echo Dot was currently quite excellent in hearing your commands, and also, we’re every bit as satisfied with the performance right here. Despite songs having fun, a transparent order will certainly wake Alexa. Recognizing your question and allowing for accents suggests it’s not ideal; however, it’s rather remarkable for the most part.

We add the Sonos ability and also can quickly manage music across a multi-room system of Sonos gadgets. Usually, the Echo Dot 3rd Generation needs to hear you, yet you can also talk with the Alexa application on your phone when you’re out of range. Compatible AV brand names include Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, and also Yamaha.

The audio quality is arguably one of the most notable upgrades below. Regardless of comparable measurements, the modification to the motorist has had a positive impact. It’s louder, for sure, yet it’s better than that. The lean, slim noise of the previous designs, which the Google Home Mini pleasantly bettered, has replaced actual bass notes, full-bodied voices, and a smoother treble.

That indicates we don’t mind the Echo Dot 3rd Generation as a background music device. Your central hi-fi system should be something much better when possible. However, for the cooking area or kids’ area, or the occasional convenience, we do not mind music having fun on this tiny budget plan speaker. And that’s claiming something. More pertinently maybe, it suggests Alexa seems much more acceptable in any way times: clear, simple as well as loud to recognize.


The most up-to-date Echo Dot 3rd Generation is the simplest, least expensive, and most pleasing way to bring Alexa right into your residence. It works well by itself or can be well incorporated right into myriad other clever houses and AV items, bringing voice control and innovative attributes just a command away.

In line with the latest Amazon Echo products, the audio quality has noticeably enhanced. While for a ‘correct’ smart speaker, an upgrade also to a lot more substantial 2018 version of the Amazon Echo Plus would undoubtedly be money well spent, this remains an easy and also effective smart speaker that’s easy to advise.


  • Sound 5.
  • Features 5.
  • Build 5.

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