DIY Hanging Lamp or Photo Garland for a Unique Decoration

DIY Hanging Lamp

DIY hanging lamp or photo garland for a unique decoration. In many cultures, it is the surrounding ambiance that largely determines our mood and well-being. That is why interior decoration plays an essential role in our lives. And yes, we agree that it’s not worth surrounding yourself with lots of unnecessary objects and breaking the bank to achieve a top decor. However, there are still quite a few creative, fun, and economical alternatives to create a nice atmosphere in your private corner, for example.

Today, we offer you such a DIY solution, including the manufacture of a suspension or photo garland. A cool alternative for anyone wondering what to do with their travel photos, family photos, etc. In the following lines, we provide you with some DIY wall decoration models and a selection of hyper-inspiring ideas.

The easiest method to make a light photo garland

Using your imagination and creativity, you can make beautiful wall decorations with your photos in no time and almost at zero budget. One of the most popular and simple variations to try is the light garland-photo combination. If you are addicted to decorative solutions, you may have already come across these beautiful, bright bedroom decorations several times.

To bring a magical touch to your intimate corner, all you need to do is bring an LED light chain, multiple photos, and clips/tape. Once you’ve installed the string lights on the wall, all you need to do is hang the photos on the string using mini clips or tape lotus flower drawing.

How to decorate your room with a garland easy, fast, and on a budget

DIY hanging lamp or photo garland for a unique decoration


  • cutting mat
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Rule
  • Mini wooden clothespins
  • Photos or photo paper and printer
  • Wire or rope of your choice


1. You can either print your photos at home or order a printout online.

2. If you opt for printing at home, you can use a polaroid photo template. First, download the file, then open it in Photoshop. In this pattern, there are four empty Polaroid spaces. Select the Move tool, and drag your 4 photos into the empty spaces. Then, using the Layer menu, move the layer with the photos below the pattern layer. If your images are large, you can resize them with the command Modify -> Transform -> Resize and double click to put the image in place. Do the same with the 4 images. Complete the process by going to Layer / Flatten the image and save the file as jpeg or pdf.

3. Print the file on photo paper.

4. Cut out the Polaroid photos using the ruler, knife, or scissors.

5. Cut a length of string to your liking, then attach the photos to it using the wooden clips.

Tutorial to create a bedroom or office wall decoration with fringed photos


  • Pictures
  • Fringed border
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape
  • Thread
  • Clothespins


1. Cut out fringe border pieces the same width as the photos.

2. Use washi tape to secure the bangs at the bottom of each photo.

3. Finally, tie the photos onto a long thread using the clothespins, and that’s it!

Make a macrame pendant light with photos for a bohemian bedroom wall decoration


  • Pictures
  • Scissors
  • Wooden stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Macrame rope
  • Cotton string
  • Ball of wool
  • Elastic bands
  • Piece of cardboard


1. Cut pieces of the cotton string to make the tassels. To make an acorn, here we wind 5 loops 25 cm in length. Once ready, we fold them in half so the final tassel will be 12.5 cm long.

2. Arrange the tassels next to the photos to see how to organize the pendant. In this tutorial, we use 3 acorns per row.

3. Then, we cut the thicker macrame cord of different lengths. Then, we attach the sets of 3 tassels to the ends of each rope using a transparent elastic band. To do this, put the first three tassels on top of a thread of macrame cord, then start winding the elastic band to create an acorn head, then cut the ends of the tassel and turn it inside out to hide the elastic.

4. Glue each cord on the wooden stick.

5. Finally, glue the photos onto the cords with duct tape attached to the back of each photo.

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