2 Best Parental Control Software To Control Child’s Internet Use

Best Parental Control Software

What is the best way to control my kids’ Internet access?

There is a possibility that your broadband provider already offers parental controls. There may be content filtering involved, but you may also be able to control when your kids are allowed to use their devices. Sky Broadband Shield, Virgin Web Safe, and TalkTalk HomeSafe, for example, are some of the parental control features offered by BT, Sky Broadband Shield, and Virgin.

Typically, these allow users to configure the types of content they have access to online based on their ages. The result is that sites and services geared towards adults or teens can easily be blocked. However, the downside of these protections is that they apply to everyone. While you may want to prevent little Timmy from accessing grown-up material on the web, you will also be prevented from doing so.

It is more effective to restrict access from specific devices rather than the connection itself. In our Android parental controls website, Amazon Fire for Kids guide, and how to limit and use iPhone apps with Screen Time tutorials below, we show you how to do this using the built-in controls of the operating system.

Services here offer the advantage of being able to work across a range of devices as opposed to the controls built into devices, which means you can keep track of what your children are doing even if they have access to an Android phone and an Amazon tablet for example.

Best Parental Control Software 2021: The Top 2 to Monitor your Child’s Screen Time

Your children can spend less time on their phones and tablets thanks to parental control apps for PCs and mobiles.

  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids – Parental Control Software

Kaspersky Safe Kids is similar to Qustodio. The app that appears on your child’s device, and the one that appears on your device, is the same as with most parental control applications. Through linking them together, you can limit their access to content, limit specific apps based on time, age, or category, and determine how much time each of them can spend on the device.


  • An alert system that monitors the location
  • SafeSearch for YouTube


  • iPads and iPhones are very limited in terms of control

The free version includes all of these features, but if you want even more options, you can upgrade to the Premium suite for £14.99/$14.95 (for the first year), making it cheaper than some of its rivals. Subscription rates increase after the first year.

If you choose the paid option, you’ll be able to follow your child’s location and even set safe boundaries for them. Should this be left, both parties will receive notification that this has taken place. A useful feature is the battery tracker, which shows how much battery life a child’s device still has. There’s also social network monitoring, but again, it’s essentially useless since kids don’t use Facebook.

Keeping your family safe from some of the nastiest elements online is made easy with Kaspersky Safe Kids. You can download the apps from the App Store for PCs, Macs, Androids, and iOS, although iPhones and iPads are limited.

We ensure all MAC problems are resolved immediately, so you can work on and monitor the device as efficiently as possible.

  1. Net Nanny – Parental Control Software

With its specific aim to keep children safe online, Net Nanny has been around for a long time. The app began on Windows, but now it also works on Android, iOS, macOS, and Amazon Fire devices.


  • A great web filtering service
  • Support via live chat


  • Can’t set a time limit for apps
  • Location monitoring needs to be improved

With its specific aim to keep children safe online, Net Nanny has been around for a long time. The app began on Windows, but now it also works on Android, iOS, macOS, and Amazon Fire devices.

Its focus is to filter unsavory and unsafe content from the Internet, as its name implies. Moreover, it tells you which search terms your children are using (this is a good way to see if they are being bullied or experiencing other unpleasant things). There’s a block on pornography, as well as the ability to block certain categories or websites.

You can limit screen time via the parental control app, which also allows you to schedule when the internet will be available throughout the day. After bedtime, the apps on your phone or tablet will all be locked down, meaning that you won’t be able to sneak them into their room. This can all be relaxed quickly via the control app, which means good behavior can be rewarded with an extended online session.

The only way to control apps is to block or allow them (and on iOS, you only have control over the App Store list – which is only a little over 100 apps).  Parents will find it difficult to limit how long their kids can use them, which will be a deal-breaker for some.

There is also a geo-fencing location tracker that allows you to be alerted whenever the child arrives or leaves. Locations cannot be set up in advance; they must be chosen from those they have already visited. There is no way to specify a distance from that location: it’s either the default or nothing.

The Net Nanny tool will notify you whenever your child searches for trigger words (usually drugs, suicide, and other frightening sites), and you’ll receive regular reports summarizing how your child uses the web and apps.

It costs £49.99/$54.99 for the 5-device Family Protection Pass, but if you have more than one PC you will almost certainly need the package. It becomes much more expensive when you reach 20 devices.

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